April 2008

We are currently taking online classes to improve our services to our customer.

June 2007

We have moved into our new office space.

September 2006

Lintel Services adds another division to the organization.

other information:

lintelsvcs @ gmail dot com


Linda Hodges

Welcome to
Lintel Services

Linda Hodges, President




I have added links to sites I use daily. I only promote  sites that provide excellent customer service.

Bookmark this page so you can check back to  see the new sites that I have added.

Websites & website tools
can be so overwhelming--
Below are sites I currently use in my website designs.
I feel they are well worth looking at.

This is the best place to get your domain & hosting service.  They have awesome customer service & are the best bang for your buck.

Free business cards 

Ever wish you had your favorites accessible no matter what computer you use?  Back flip is the answer... it is a password protected site (Free) that you can save all your favorite websites to, so when you go visit Uncle Joe, you can logon to back flip & see all your favorite sites.  You can make your favorites private, so no one but you see them, or you can make them public so all your friends can share.

Get free web tools, click here



Books Galore
 I love a good bargain as much as a good book.  
These links will take you to book sites on the internet where you 
can get a great deal on anything that strikes your fancy.

New & Used Books - Find the Lowest Price - Compare more than a hundred book stores, 60,000 sellers, in a click.

New & used books - Find the lowest price

This is a great tool, they will search many of  the most popular book sites for your book & show you what sites have it in stock & the price.

Abebooks: Classics to Contemporary - Shop Now.

Abe books is a great resource for both used & new books.

Download an eBook today Save up to 80% off recent bestsellers Low prices on books
eBay's has Amazing Bargains - Buy and Sell Textbooks and more


Miscellaneous Cool Links

Computer training manual Master the Power of the Mind Day trading Freedom
White Dove e--books

Ultimate Home Tantra course

Find anyone anywhere

Darlene "Dee" Bishop, a professional writer with over 25 years experience Stop habits in 21 days make money online